A non-invasive means of muscle rehabilitation after injury, surgery or disease. The device applies customised electrical stimulus to a specific muscle or muscle group to cause contraction
Good for: 

Reducing muscle atrophy

Restoring joint mobility 

pain reduction

The process of post operative rehabilitation 


Activates sensory and motor neurones to provide pain relief
Increases blood flow
Reduces muscle spasm 
Improves muscle function 


Therapeutic ultrasound uses high frequency sound waves to produce both thermal and non thermal effects.

Ultrasound is good for:

-Increasing circulation

-Increasing contractility of muscle fibres 

-Decreasing inflammation and edema 

-Decreasing scar tissue 

-Decreasing pain and muscle spasm

-Decreasing tendon and ligament inflammation

I have 2 ultrasound machines , 1 higher in power than the other .

Class 3b laser

Laser treatment is a quick, pain-free treatment that is easy to apply and effective. 

Laser therapy has proven to be effective at improving the healing of:


-Soft tissue injuries

-Tendons and ligaments

-Musculoskeletal injuries


Equirelease gun

A way to release deep muscle tension without creating to much friction to the area.
Good to treat deep built up muscle tension from horses that do lots of strenuous work , it can also aid in loosening the muscle ready to be manipulated
Good for horses that are sensitive to touch and allows nervous horses to enjoy the experience without too much Manuel work.

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