Terms and conditions 

-Due to new legislation all horses can now be seen without vet consent however, it is a good idea to let your vet practice know I will be treating your horse. -Three shires equine therapy may refer a horse back to their veterinary surgeon for further investigation if deemed necessary at any stage. -You chose to have the treatment done at your own risk -Three shires equine therapy takes no liability should injury occur after treatment -Three shires equine therapy reserves the right to refuse treatment if it is deemed to be either inappropriate or unsafe (such circumstances might for example include the presence of undiagnosed lameness, infectious or contagious diseases, or other health or behavioural concerns)-All horses must be dry and brushed clean before their appointment in order for effective assessment and treatment to take place-Payment is required on the day by cash, or within 3 days by direct bank transfer, unless a prior credit agreement has been made where the terms of payment will be clearly stated on your invoice. Unfortunately we are unable to accept payments by credit or debit card-In the unfortunate event of any difficulties in paying an invoice, please contact Amber to discuss the matter in the first instance as soon as possible so that a suitable repayment plan can be arranged. -Please be aware that any additional costs that might be incurred by Three shires equine therapy in the process of having to recover outstanding treatment fees will be added to the balance of your account along with interest- Cancellations within 24hrs of the appointment and/or missed appointments may incur fees ranging from 50-100% of the cost depending on the circumstances. It is understood that sometimes things do happen at short notice but please always try to notify us as early as possible of any changes because it helps to ensure that time is never wasted and another horse will still be able to benefit from your appointment space instead. Cancellations due to COVID-19 self-isolation are currently exempt from any such charges, although it would still of course be appreciated to be given as much notice as you possibly can. Following repeat cancellations, Three shires equine therapy reserves the right to request full payment of treatment fees and any applicable cancellation charges in advance when re-booking-Every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained in my website is accurate. However, we will not be held responsible for any inaccuracies, or for the content of any linked pages.-All text and images are copyrighted and cannot be reproduced without prior permission-Three shires equine therapy reserves the right to use any still or video photography taken during treatment sessions as it requires (this may include promotional literature/facebook etc). If you do not wish images of your pet used please notify me via email: info@threeshiresequinetherapy.com 
•Agreement I have read and agree to abide by the full terms and conditions.•I hereby give my permission for my animal to be treated by Three shires equine therapy
•I have/ will give all the relevant medical and behavioural history and I believe the information given to be correct
•Any photographs or videos taken of my animal by Three shires equine therapy may be used for teaching or advertising purposes.
•I agree to Three shires equine therapy contacting me in the future regarding appointments and services.